While I looked at biographies of many remarkable individuals who lived in both recent and far history, I was fascinated by a historical tragedy that took place in China in 1942. Back then, both drought and war were against tens of thousands of Chinese civilians and their families. Great images of courage and selflessness were shown in a film entitled "Back to 1942". Human behavior at its best possible scenarios emerged unnoticed by most of the world. During that difficult time, nobles became regular people in less than a month. Families has lost most of their members in less than a day and infants lost mothers immediately after delivering them.

What I found interesting after watching this film, is how we usually choose to focus on individuals to find easy ways to feed our ego and convince ourselves that greatness is an individual achievement.

So, What seems more rational to consider instead is acceptance that achieving anything of value depends on many factors to gather in a particular sequence before a great results merges. This observation can make each individual hope for a better future with an ease of expectation that his community, cleverness or gained resources should grant him/her a satisfaction. As hard as this prospective may sound compared to a romantic one that promises good things for good people, it is clear to me now that Ghandi, Mandella, or Mother Tereza were the few we knew about while much greater individuals with much less favorable circumstances had, are and will always exist . What is most important is that you can be one of those remarkably hidden heroes who keep inspire their communities and give them hope.

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