Our time has passed on swift and careless feet,
With sighs and smiles and songs both sad and sweet.
Our perfect hours have grown and gone so fast,
And these are things we never can repeat.
Though we might plead and pray that it would last,
Our time has passed.

Like shreds of mist entangled in a tree,
Like surf and sea foam on a foaming sea,
Like all good things we know can never last,
Too soon we'll see the end of you and me.
Despite the days and realms that we amassed,
Our time has passed.

By Kevin Nicholas Roberts

First rondel of this poem was mentioned by "Bothainah", a character in my latest story entitled "Your Eye's Secret". It summarizes my understanding of our deep desire of holding on things we gain as we carry on our life 's journey. While all of us are aware -with various degrees- that holding on is a primitive act, we seem to take advantage of prevalence of such a cultural phenomenon to hinder our personal growth. "Poems of Bothainah" is an initiative that I want to invite you to join in order to raise awareness about severity of Depleted Uranium (DU) impact on global scale.

Usually this type of initiatives wakes up of fear of our relationship with authorities. This is good. we have an opportunity to accept our limited time on this earth and think of what we can add to our human race by sharing what worthy to be known.


You can join my initiative by visiting my face book page and checking information posted about DU here:


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