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Experiencing Painful Memories? Try EMDR

In 2018, I learned about an approach used by a trauma expert to re-process painful memories without medications. As someone who suffered severely form child abuse and neglect, I became curious to try it. Understanding that medical field is still struggling to include this type of "unusual" way of dealing with trauma residuals, I decided to try it on myself and see what happens. My success in decreasing impact of remembering painful incidents and increasing my sense of comfort to discuss them with my friends, has encouraged me to offer this for public. You can refer to my article at LinkedIn for more information about my background related to this type of treatment.

EMDR has offered me an approach I always dreamed of as a child: To help my parents get over their painful memories. I can imagine how would that contribute for making them better parents instead of encouraging me to switch roles to be their care giver, a role that hindered my chances of living a healthy childhood. Gradual progress in processing painful memories is a great experience that usually starts after first session and will keep getting better from that moment onward. I hope you can find a professional reachable to you to help you experience that valuable sense of mind torturing habit soon.

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