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    Legal Addictions and Human Performance

    It is interesting how humans learned to adapt absence of some of their basic needs through usage of legally and socially accepted substances and behaviors. You probably won't blame your colleagues for staying for overtime even if they did it for the tenth time in less than a month, would you? You may consider it as good thing to do for personal and company’s good. This is one example of addiction social acceptance!


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    Earning an Income When You're Recovering From Addiction


    There is no shame in being a recovering addict. However, the actions you took while using can make it more difficult for you to take care of your family financially once you’ve left rehab. Keep reading for a few of the best side-, part-time and contract-based gigs that may lead to long-term success.


    But first ...


    It’s important to understand why the gig economy is a good choice for recovering addicts. Working your own hours not only provides you an opportunity to gain experience and earn an income. Having a flexible schedule can help you focus on self-care, which is important for your physical, mental and emotional health, according to Rehab Village.


    Gigs for go-getters


    On-demand delivery


    If you have a driver's license, a working vehicle and can pass a background check, you can make money quickly by utilizing your free time delivering everything from food to Amazon packages.


    Skilled trade


    Perhaps you’re a professional carpenter or just handy around the house. Whatever your credentials, you can sell your skills as a handyman, personal assistant, or housecleaner. TaskRabbit, Takl, and Craigslist are all great sites to advertise your services.


    White-collar careers


    Technology has made it easier than ever to pick up contract opportunities even if your skills were acquired in an office. Freelancer, Fiverr and Guru are among a few of the sites that can help you connect with busy professionals in need of a helping hand. You can earn money as a virtual assistant, marketing copywriter, research assistant or video transcriptionist just to name a few.


    Compassionate care


    The vast majority of addicts have a soft spot for the underdog. This makes you an ideal senior care provider. You don’t have to have medical experience to bring a compassionate touch to a senior’s life. Home Instead Senior Care has a searchable database of positions; these job listings can give you an idea of the requirements necessary to become a non-medical home helper.


    Artistic expression


    When you’re one of the lucky few that possess enviable artistic talents, you have a way to make money literally at your fingertips. You can utilize your skill to give people a personalized keepsake of their children, parents, or deceased loved ones. ArtBistro, part of the Monster.com network, offers information on pricing your artwork.


    Musical mastery


    Another idea on the creative end of the professional spectrum is to sell your musical talents by teaching others how to sing or play an instrument. And you don’t have to live in close proximity to your students to be effective. Consider starting your own YouTube channel to gain exposure and then teach lessons via Skype.


    Canine companionship


    Dogs are man’s best friends, but they can also present an earning opportunity if you have a way with the canine crowd. As a dog walker or pet sitter, you can earn anywhere from $10 to $25 per hour more simply by taking a stroll in the park and providing hands-on, loving care to people’s pets.


    The cost of living varies greatly throughout the United States, but one thing holds true and that is sustaining a family takes money. When you’re recovering from addiction, you’ll not only have to focus on your own well-being, but get back to business and handle your responsibilities as a spouse and parent. Finding a full-time job may be difficult. The gig economy offers almost unlimited opportunities to gain experience until you can find a job you love. These and other contract-based economic pursuits all offer room for growth and may even be the foundation for a new career.


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  • Trauma Informed Schools


    Spokane educational community

    "What’s a trauma-informed school? It’s a place where this happens:

    "There’s this third-grade kid. Let’s call him Sam. He’s got ODD (oppositional defiant disorder…a misnomer for normal behavior a child exhibits when he’s living with chronic trauma).

    "Nine-year-old Sam (not his real name) is very smart. But sometimes he balked, dug his heels in deep, and refused to work in class. So his teacher sent him to see the principal. Often.

    "The teacher and the principal knew something about his home life. At night, Sam sleeps on a couch. Dad sleeps on the other couch. The TV’s on all day, all night. When Dad’s awake, he always has a computer in his lap. Mom drifts in and out of the home. His parents have little to do with their son. They rarely touch him...."

    Awareness started at Al-Salam School in Bahrain

    December 2015

    I started making awareness about impact of childhood trauma at my children's school. One session was dedicated for English speakers and another for Arabic. Your school can be the next to become trauma informed

    Documentary Film about Troubled High School Youth

    James Redford, documented the lives of staff and students of Lincoln Alternative High School in Walla Walla, Washington as the director of “Paper Tigers”. Students at this high school had behavioral issues and poor academic performances and were usually suspended from school. After discovering the studies on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), the high school changed its approach to handling the students with kindness and in-school suspension versus automatic punitive punishments.

    The staff at the high school takes into account the students’ lives at home as children who suffer from an ACE or trauma, which can come in the form of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, can increase the risk of certain diseases, behavioral issues, learning problems, substance abuse, and early death. This can happen because the stress associated with these experiences can change the way a child’s brain develops. The teaching methods and behavior management at Lincoln help to combat the “toxic stress” by caring for the students’ lives outside school and having a gentler approach towards their behaviors. The new approach is doing so well at Lincoln that it is entering the doors of other high schools in Washington such as Big Picture High School and the Kent School District.

    In the documentary, Redford showcases the social and human side to ACEs rather than the science behind the approach to treating the children. He highlights the idea of ACEs while allowing the students to film their own lives, providing a more personal perspective on the effect of their traumas as well as their struggles, hopes, and dreams. It also demonstrates how teachers are helping the students change their lives in a positive way using new science and fresh methods. In addition, “Paper Tigers” provides insight into how others, such as family members and parents, can help children experiencing the negative impacts of ACEs.

    Meditation Instead of Punishment

    The Holistic Life Foundation has created, developed, and piloted a twenty-four (24) week mindfulness curriculum, based on the structure of their successful after school program.

    What Can Schools Do to Build Resilience in their Students?

    Building Resilience

    After each school shooting, violent classroom episode, or student suicide—all too common today—there is talk about resilience in schools. Why is it that some students bounce back from adversity and others do not? Coping and functioning well despite adversity or trauma is resilience.


    Resistance is very high at medical Field

    Dr. Gabor Mate explains how shocked is medical society to learn about manifestations of childhood trauma and abuse.

    Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

    ACE Study

    The ACE Study represents the contributions of over 17,000 Kaiser Permanente healthcare members who participated in the Study, Kaiser staff members, and epidemiologists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who continue to analyze data and publish findings. For many people, the ACE Study findings help explain conditions in their lives.

  • Trauma Informed Organizations



    This chart above shows how can childhood trauma of employees affect three major issue related to their performance at work

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